What a Goal !!

Although I hate Al iti7ad team , and this player AL rawani is one of the worst players in the Libyan national team but this goal he scored deserves to be posted , amazing timing scoring the goal at the end of the match with a long shot that reminds me of the basketball games I don't know why.


Lebeeya said...

That was indeed a nice goal. I want to faint now.

thx for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

you know of what it reminds me?
it doesn't remind me of basket ball, but it indeed reminds me of "Captin Majid" last moment goals :)
and about captin majid, did u ever wonder why when he shoots the ball it takes litterly half the episode to reach the goal??!! that if it reaches it at all ;)

Libyano said...

lebeeya I think if you were the goalkeeper you would have saved it ,yea lebeeya plays football quite well :P, she is our Lebeeyinho .

Ema lol , I always wondered why he stays in the air half the episode just trying to make a double kick , and sometimes you know when Kabtin majiid jumps for the ball and another guy jump with him how first the other guy's head is reaching the ball and then it slows while kabtin majiid head's speeds to reach it first and kick it in the goal , and you know wherever the place he shoots the ball from it's always going to get into the goal , but it's still one of the best cartoons , you cant find nice cartoons like this these days

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, I hate pocemon & digemon, it's not mmmmm cartoony enough?

Brave Heart said...

me too hate this guy and his team, i'm nasrawi this mean i support ahli-tripoli more than this government team
i believe this goal is by chance

Libyano said...

Alhi Ya flaysha :)

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