collection of pictures

I was cleaning my computer from all the junk I am collecting in it and I found a lot of pictures that I don't know what to do with them so I decided to post some of them now and may be will post some of what is left another time .

the sun wasn't rounded and the sky looked amazing but picturing it with a mobile phone can't show how nice the view was .

some how I love palm trees , I used to climb them when I was young with my young relatives and it was the best thing eating dates right from the top .

Once I saw this sign while driving I wanted to park just to read it , I couldn't but I came the next day with my camera , somehow it's funny sign , may be being long or may be the list of things they wrote , I like the point number 8
الحصول لكم علي أية معلومات دقيقة تهمكم عن أي شئ من العالم الخارجي

This school looks amazing from the outside comparing to any other school in Libya , I play basketball sometimes there .

I don't know what is it called but this is one of the weired flowers my dad grows in our garden

Just as I came out of the house I saw this guy walking the dog , a weired thing to see here as the guy isn't the owner of course but an African working for Modeer as the guy said when I asked him whose dog is this , I can't understand the people who hire someone to walk their dog for them , why would you get a dog if you can't take care of it .

This is my favorite T shirt , I bought it in 1998 and I am still wearing it until now

My little Monkey , it's in a key chain , a girly thing I know but It's a gift so what can I do .

Every time I get addicted to something until I hate it , that time I was addicted to Shani .

When you first read it it might look normal but my dad wrote shakroo6a instead of shkoor6a so we made fun of him for a while that day .

The middle X ray shows what is called Terry Thomas Sign , just because the space between the bones looks the same as Terry Thomas's front teeth


Anonymous said...

I liked all of them so intresting yet so not, lol
enjoyable after all:->

AngloLibyan said...

I never heard of the Terry Thomas sign! but I know him as an actor.
good pictures, more please :o)

Anonymous said...

BTW is that school "asba7 esob7"??
just wondering, i know that there are many schools that look alike.

A.Adam said...

wooow I liked that sign :D

MaySoon said...

Nice pictures,

What a sign,

If you pass by Hay Alandalus, you will see lots of African workers walking their modeer's (most of them are expats) dogs

Hey your monkey looks like Samoo7 (Meral's stuffed Monkey) :o)

lovelytripoli said...
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lovelytripoli said...

You know where the funny Sign was at On.?
It is on the Old Hayti School`s Wall.it is one on the older schools in Tripoli.

If You looking around You will catsh many Funny sign.Just put ur Camira in ur Jacet and be ready for that intersting Shots.
By the way..You have to see Fashoulm Old Mosq`s photes in my blogger.

DaMoon said...

LOL @ elshakrota...hehe that's a good one, funnier when u say it out loud..keep the notes coming dad :o)

Libyano said...

Ema , Yes it's asba7 el sob7 school , one of the best primary schools here .
Anglolibyan , A.adam ,thank you and inshallah more is coming .
Maysoon , I like the name samoo7 :) , I don't have name for my monkey though .

Lovelytripoli , I know this school , the building is one of the old nice buildings in city center , Nice pics of Fashloom's mosque .

damoon , my dad is one of the funniest guys I know although as all the dads he is always not pleased with me .

piccolina said...

lol i read it shakro6a and i was like " what is shaktoo6a ??" lol i guess i'm worse than ur dad
thanks and hope everthing is going well with u

Happymoi said...

and whats shakrota?

cool pics

Libyano said...

happymoi shkor6a is a spare tire and my dad miss spelled it shakroo6a :)