Happy Birthday Yaseen

Happy Birthday Yaseen
today was Yaseen's second birthday he is now 2 years old which means he reached the age of making a lot of troubles and finished the years of being a cute little baby , rabi yistir o khalas .


piccolina said...

aweee HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweeet Yaseen :)
oh yeah but u know 2 years old is still cute , i'll talk to you once he is 6 and 7 till 11 , he'll be so bareed and you can't stand him !!!
i know alot about kids brrrr

MaySoon said...

Happt Birthday to him, and 3ugbal el3omr kullah, the cute years last til they are 4 or 5 years old b3din ya satir.

Libyano said...

I dont know what age is the worst but I guess piccolina you are right I remember my brother when he was around 10 he was so so bareed .
Maysoon what about 4 or 5 whats wrong in this age .

AngloLibyan said...

Happy Birthday to Yaseen Afandi :o)
my son is 6 and still very cute, then again he is my son!

piccolina said...

BTW did u get that cake from al na7la ???
mmm i really wanna try the little balls that has been used to write his name lol
i'm so hungry all the time !

Lebeeya said...

weird! i had commented earlier here! and its not here anymore! and i didnt delete it! am i going crazy??

Happy Birthday to Yaseen!

Libyano said...

Anglolibyan rabi ykhaleelik your kids o rabi y3eenik too :)

Piccolina , wook sheni hada I tried to cover the sign saying al na7la by turning it it but you knew it , btw the little balls tasted so good Mmmmmm :P

Lebeeya , my answer is you are going crazy :p
thank you any way :)

A.Adam said...

happy birthday Yaseen. any pictures for him in his birthday ? do does he grow up and don't like to be photographed

DaMoon said...

Happy Bday yaseeno, I love it when blue means boyz, pink means gurlz,

piccolina said...

lol libyano , i live close to the shop and i LOVE the chocolate cakes they make , so for sure i know their type of cakes ;)
try their ice cream , it's good and cheap , al sabeka is much better thought " al wadi street "
sa7teen for the balls , and thanks for i3ziming on me ..DUH lol

Libyano said...

Piccolina , since you are ice cream lover I think you know Mothalagat El shat icecream shop in zawit el dehmani , it's opposite to soog el shat , It's the best , ween el sabeeka wala al na7la , it's great , if you didnt try it before you should do now , immediately.

|:| DUBAI |:| said...

Kochee Kochee baby :D

this is my first time to see blue cake :D !