Blood Donation

When was the last time you donated blood ?

Ask this question to anyone in the street here , I am sure more than 90% will answer never , and those who did donate, it would be directed donation i.e for someone they already know , like if his cousin is having operation he would donate for him , it's a big shame that it's very very rare here in Libya for someone to go by his will just to donate blood , I can't see any excuse for any healthy adult not to make one day every 6 months just to give blood , may be you don't know that one or even half liter would be saving someone else's life , someone will need it to make him live, may be you don't know that you can give part of your life to someone else , yes it's life you are giving here , because if you know how many people die here just because of bleeding you will be shocked , Last year in our Obestatrics course one patient was complaining how she suffered so much and she almost died because of bleeding and there was no blood to replace for her as fast as she needed , I asked her one question to stop her from blaming the hospital and the doctors and everyone else , Did you ever donate blood , she said no putting her head down , did your husband ever donate blood , she said we are married for 20 years now and he never did , I asked her again then from where the blood would come to you if almost all the Libyans like you , yes this woman could be anyone , it could be you , donate today because you have no excuse , and even if you didn't needed blood ever , someone else would need it for sure.

I donated before and I noticed something really different in the donation room from all the other areas in the hospital , you don't know how staff would be so pleased to see you and to serve you the minute they know you are here for donation , go to Alkhadra hospital on emergency entrance ask for the blood donation room and they will show you and help you out , and the same as in TMC ( Tripoli Medical Center ) go to the emergency entrance and ask in the reception where you can donate blood , they will take a blood sample from you first for viral screening HIV , hepatitis B and C , and to measure your hemoglobin level , the results will come the next day then when you come inshallah everything will be good and they measure your blood pressure and then you can give the liquid of life , you don't know how happy you will feel after that .


Mohamed said...

sorry for the other 2 posts bad connection :(

Thanks man
really we forget to donation , blood bank is near from my house & I never did as you say
I'll go Enshaa Allah at morning
in the picture there are a sentence " قطرة دم تنقد حياة إنسان "
النقد يكون في الأدب ، في الرياضة ، في الأكل !!
الصحيح تنقذ
It's very bad to see like this error from official organization like this

Happymoi said...

there is a fear that when giving blood that we'd be given some sort of a disease as a present in the process...in libya, i have never donated blood because i dont trust the "momaredat"..even when i need any type of medical examination i'd be out of here to get them done...and i know that thats unfair and i really wish that our hospitals will get up to the level so we could trust them with out own live..only then would we give blood...i dont think its the idea of giving blood that we dont wanna do but the fear of getting infected in the process......maybe this explains why alot of us dont think of giving blood until its a relative of ours cause than the risk is justified and we dont give a damn what happens to us...all that add to it the fear of the needle...ouch...

just something that might explain our lack of donating!!!

Ghazi Gheblawi said...

Great subject, and your logical question to the women is super, the problem with us is that we have that mentality of not planning for the future, so people just go on with their life on day to day basis, as for the trust and confidence in the health system and the fear of getting infected in the process, that a major problem in the Libyan psyche not the heaklth system itself, it is a blame game that we like to engage ourselves in.. as usual great work for the Scouts of Libya on this campgain. Ghazi

Anonymous said...

الخضراء وليست الخظراء
نقذ وليس نقد

Libyano said...

Mohamed I am glad you are going and inshallah fi mizan 7asanatik .
btw I noticed the alkhadra with ظ mistake only as anonymous mentioned it but any way it's honest mistake plus I took a pic of another poster where they corrected it .

happymoi , our health support system needs some encouragement from people , we always blame the otehrs , I know I cant deny you might get infected , but this is very very very unlikely to happen cos they are using sterile needles and I dont think any nurse would use an infected one unless she has a personal issue with you .

Dr gahazi , it's very rare to find any libyan who can say I am wrong , we all blame the others and we all think everything is screwed and we wont add anything to it if we be good , no one bothers to care .

Happymoi said...

I have to share this story, maybe only than would ghazi gheblawi understand that it is real not just pyscological!

A family member of mine was infected with hepatitis, i dont know what type, and it was true hospitals here! Although this family memember of mine was lucky and Allah blessed him i cant ever forget that this family memeber had to go through tons. His case has been recorded as a rare case in which a patient developed antibodies to fight Hepatitis. His case is recorded in Swisserland, and i have the reports here at home...so alhamdullah he was lucky enough to have this mircal for he was a believer in that Honey heals and eat lots of it..and his doctor although not a muslim acknowledged that really a mircal happened and in his report it states that it is a rare case....

you know who that person is? my dad! So maybe its because it hit us close home that we are not able to trust our own hospitals but that doesnt mean things will never get better,im not a pessimist but im talking reality...

But think of the unlucky people who will never be cured,think of those who cant affored to get the treatments needed to help them get cured would they take a risk??!!!

I honestly hope that things will change and i do believe that they will but until then you cant balme me for thinking twice, and i do understand that one day i might be laying in the hospital and Libayno will be posing the same question to me when no blood is there for me...i always say be3eed alsow but we really dont know...and if i was in that patient's place Libayno plz dont ask me the same question....

if i ever locate the report from swisserland i'll type the exact words for you all to read...i wont be looking for it now cuz i have midterms and i dont have type to go through the files...but i'll keep that in mind!

Libyano said...

Sorry for your father , and isnhallah rabi ya3teeh 6olt el 3omr .
I can't deny that hospitals care is very poor here , but you can trust me that they are improving every year alhamdulilah , inshallah until one day we don't see any of what happened to your dad happens again

Happymoi said...

Thanks Libyano allah etwel fe 3omrek too wa ye7sen 7'atemtek.

Alhamdullah my dad has been cured 100% but its rare that people get cured 100%...very rare!When he was doing regular check ups one day his doctor came with amusument in his face and he told him no sign of such infection,and that he has developed antibodies...and my dad replied credit goes to ALSHAFI (God) and Honey....

"al3asel shefa le kul daa ela almawet" (that honey heals all sicknesses except death i.e when its a person's time to go,its time to go!)

while this incident started sadly it ended happily and endings matter..so alhamdullah!!

Safia speaks said...

My dad always gives blood, but I have some silly back-thought that giving your blood to someone else might be haram.
So I dunno - I am participating voluntarily in all sorts of medical experiments to the benefit of science, and I volunteer for blood test samples all the time.
But actually transferring my blood to someone else? I know it saves lives and I would certainly not say NO if I needed some blood from anyone.
I really dunno, because blood from other people would get into my veins and circulate in my body. A very weird conception for me.

In an emergency situation, of course, I would not hesitate neither to give nor receive blood - to save immediate lives.

But I still cannot accept the idea of giving blood regurlarly with ease. It is difficult for me to do.

Libyano said...

Safia , as a matter of fact any blood you take wouldn't last more than 120 days maximum in your body because after that the Red Blood Cells will be destroyed and a new one's will be formed , so don't worry this new person who will be living inside you when you take his blood won't stay forever .

Give it a try and you will see how good it will make you feel .

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