blogger meeting

I just came back from my first meeting with another blogger , I met Akram that all of you know as A.Adam , there was no surprise that he didn't look anything like his profile picture but I couldn't help myself imaging him looking like that while I was looking for him in mydan el Jaza2ir where we met , first I wanted to use my right of remaining silent because anything I say may be used against me in his blog but I found myself not caring , we had nice chat and it's surprising how the real person is much different from the name you see in the screen , I am glad that I got the chance to meet one of the Libyan bloggers and I wish one day we make a bigger meeting with other bloggers , A.Adam thank you for the tea and inshallah we will meet again and again .


A.Adam said...

it was my pleasure to meet and have talk with you. I'm happy for that. and no thanks for the tea next time I will taste it.
Insh'Allah we will meet again

DaMoon said...

How cool, u guyz got da chance to meet, I am actually looking forward meeting with libyan bloggers too...
Libyano, I had to laugh on "he didn't look like his profile picture"..lol do u look like ur profile picture?..lol jk

Khadijateri said...

Oh Libyano... You finally met Akram! He's a very special person! Tell him to bring you to meet me too.

MaySoon said...

Good for you guys :o)

Safia speaks said...

Ahhhh - no pictures?
We wanna see Akram, if he really looks like a Manga cartoon?!?!

Libyano said...

a.adam next time I am buying the tea ok .
damoon I kind of look like the picture but my head isn't that big though :P

Khadijateri, I am looking forward to meet you too inshallah soon.

maysoon , thank you :)

Safia , next time I meet with akram I will get you an exclusive picture of him inshallah

AngloLibyan said...

I beieve there is a picture of Akram on one of his posts, I think to do with French certificate :o)

A.Adam said...

I'm so sad Safia because like anglolibyan said I've posted one before and my friends Serage post more.

Khadijateri soon insh'allah will visit to you to say hi before I leave . and may be I will come with Libyano.

Lebeeya said...

thanx for not including me in the meeting. I wish to chop your head off now.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that is was fun,
good for you guys ;)

Libyano said...

sheni it seems like everyone is getting crazy on seeing akram's picture :P.
Akram , I'll be glad if you take me with you to see mysterious khadijaterri , i haven't seen any pics of her but as for everyone I have a mental image of how she looks , actually she looks like on of my father's freind's wife ( dont worry she is nice looking woman :P ).

Lebeeya , you have been threatening to kill me so much lately , if anything happens to me you will be the first suspect raho .

linda said...

great....u've just met one of the big heads of the bloggers family .

how did u deal with him?was it so easy?

hhh i'm just kidding

his one of the best friends u can ever have

thanks for shareing this

Mohamed said...

yeah yeah , and never told !
any one want to see Akram's picture he\she can find it in his blog .
Libyano did you hear his mobile ring tone ? :-D it's really funy

Libyano said...

linda , you are right he is a big giant head :p , I feel like he is my friend already .

Mohamed , if you are talking about the dial up ring tone it's hilarious it shows how internet freak he is :), I got it from him and I set it as a personal ring tone for him if he ever call .

piccolina said...

good that you have meet :), i can't wait to meet lebeeya incase she got a time off her work !! so pray for us !!

Libyano said...

Lebeeya you are meeting with Piccolina and not including me , how about I chop your head off now :P .
Piccolina you gonna have so much fun , Lebeeya is a great person and you have to tell us everything after you girls meet.

lovelytripoli said...

I was going to ask You guys why We dont` make date for meeting all.
Girls Alone or men alone.As everyone want.
I think It is so nice to see each others. and Speak Libyan LoooL
and make some (Gormah) LoooL.
i meant Good (Gormah) not` that bad one.

Well,i would like to see You.
so anyone have a kid or a brother or sister his ages around 4 years old bring him or her to my work,"my class.
By the way libyano we rent` so far..of each others.
i work at the unvirstay...LoL.

see You guys one day..
that one of best wishs..

And her Damoon ;i am agree with You about Libyano`s profile "Pic"
i will try to catch him when i will drive around his Colleg every noon..