Digital Electronic Stethoscope

I came across this funny weired but may be great idea of a new stethoscope , here what they say about it in their web site

Amplify Mode with Adjustable Volume - amplifies up to 50X with continuously-adjustable Volume Control to set the desired augmentation for each patient. Increase Volume for faint heart sounds, obese patients or noisy environments. Use moderate Volume for children with loud heart sounds.
Acoustic Mode - electronically provides the sound of a conventional stethoscope without the losses of air tubing. Provides a painless transition from old stethoscope technology - just click to Acoustic mode, and listen to a crystal-clear version of a conventional stethoscope.
Ambient Noise Rejection, 2nd-Generation (ANR2) - Activate noise rejection in high-noise environments, or deactivate in quiet office settings. Adapts to your work environment so you're not compromising your physical exams.

- When patients chat, cough, or cry, simply mute the sound until you're ready to listen. An example of the attention to detail that makes the ds32a stand out.
Programmable Preferences - Preset the ds32a to your preferred auto shut-off time (2-5 minutes) and favorite operating modes, so it powers up already set for you. Your ds32a learns to follow your workflow so you can focus on the patient.
Audio Input/Output - Connect your stethoscope to your iPod or mp3 or notebook for recording and listen to heart sounds on your stethoscope, for accurate audio reproduction. Interfaces with ease to existing audio equipment. Use free software for data visualization.
Cables included.

but hey with all that it still doesn't give you the diagnosis , I wonder when they gonna make one that tells you the diagnosis , and it would be more fun if they make it an MP3 player too .

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Lebeeya said...

Yes, an MP3 player... and a digital camera so u can snap pics of the patient! :)

The Doctor said...

I remember thinking about buying one. Thanks God I already graduated without needing it!

MaySoon said...

wow, nice gadget, is it adding to your diagnosis is it making it easier though? You never know what to expect next eh?

Happymoi said...


Libyano said...

one day when I get this stethoscope am gonna record something from each of my friends heart sound or breathing and make it their ringtone on my phone how about that ha :P

Happymoi said...


heart beats huh looooooooool

Anonymous said...

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Yatika Dhingra said...

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karan veer said...

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