It is over

It's over , it's over , IT IS OVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
yes I am so happy , actually I cant describe how happy I am that I finished my exams , finally I can wake up in the morning without thinking of how many things I have to finish in the day or count how many days left until the exam , finally I can leave my room without my watch , finally I can watch TV , movies , read some books , finally I can sit on the computer till my eyes drop , finally I can go out with my friends , after three months in prison I didn't do anything except studying and sleeping , I am not a hard worker nor smart but I had to do it this way I wanted to get over with it and inshallah rabi ystir .

My mom was happier than me when I came home , she has been waiting for me to finish for a long time because she had so many things for me to clean and do at home , first she welcomed me with a big carpet ( bsa6) that needs washing , Yes we are a family that wash carpets at home but we never hang it through the top of our house , at home everyone has his job and washing the carpets is one of the things I am responsible of , so thats how I relieved my stress yesterday pushing the brush harder on the carpet , then of course I had to sayig all the outside , I know you are all thinking that the girl I would marry would be so lucky but believe I am doing this only for my mom and not because I love doing it , and what you see in the picture is part of what I do to make this quite fun .

I don't think I will rest until the results come out which will be withing one month so id3oli .


Happymoi said...

its good ur done! You are soooooo lucky i envy you for that ..joking! Well inshallah benja7!

My midterms are coming up,and although we have 2 weeks off it has been no fun..i wake up open my books n study until its time to sleeppppppppp...i hate the routine i want my exams to start cuz if they start they'll finish in no time...they start on feb.19 and end march15 so good luck to me.....ed3li since u r free now!!!

Well i better get back to my books no time for the net now...tgc

AngloLibyan said...

InshaAllah you pass with flying colours.
what happened to your cool template? I really liked it!

Libyano said...

happymoi good luck and isnhallah you close your eyes and open them to find yourself on march 16 .

Anglolibyan , I really loved that template too but it's so difficult for me to add things to the side bar cos am no expert at the HTML editing , so am gonna use this one for a while until I get to fix the COOL old template

A.Adam said...

good news that your exams are done, waiting for results and Ins'Allah you get what do you want.
what else you did to make you job quite fun?

DaMoon said...

Inshallah benaja7 Libyano, and everyone else writing exams, I guess that's the reason why I don't want to further my studies "examz" I hate the stress they bring, so I am happy with what I have :D
I had to laugh on ghseel elbsatat and the art work lol it's a very good workout I have to admit "not that I ever did it" for some reason I feel proud when I learn that there are Libyan guys that actually help out at home! mashallah aleek o rabe u7fduk le ememtek :o)

Maysoon said...

Libyano, Insha'Allah belnja7, best of luck :o), good for you that you're helping your Mom, rabi u7fduhalek. God bless.

Hannu said...

Congrats on making it through the exams. But I wonder, how long would it take you to miss being busy (productively busy I mean!) Have a blast cleaning the carpets and tesyig and best of luck with the results of the exams... and the carpet cleaning!

Safia speaks said...

Alf mabrouk, doctor!

May your stomach brain (neurotransmitters in your belly) forever keep you alert and prosperous!

Libyano said...

Adam ,damoon, maysoon , hano and safia , thank you all guys , I really need every good luck wish you write me because I know I need it so much to pass the exams .

damoon , you know one of my friends once told me you are lucky because you already do a lot of house work so when you get married we wont think your wife is making you do all this but if one of us start oghsling bsatat this means martah rabatah o gabatah lil treeg :P .

Hannu I already miss studying somehow ,like today I am at home and i have nothing to do and didnt do anything except sitting on the computer and that felt so weired.

safia allah ybarik feek lakin mazal shwaya .

Anonymous said...

Inshallah ull do fine, I remember my clinical final, I had a drug user with a
DVT, the examiners were next to me the whole time asking me what i was doing, why i was asking these questions, it was horrible!!!!!
Just sit back and enjoy the break now.
By the way, everyone makes it seem that it gets easier after u finish school- it doesnt!! INTERN YEAR!! So painful!!!
bit-towfeek inshallh

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