Ronaldo is gone

I don't know if it's for the good or for the bad , but the legend Ronaldo had left Meal Madrid , he hasn't been giving any effort lately but I will always say if Ronaldo was in this chance it would be a goal unlike who ever lost the chance , my problem is with the club he went to , it's Ac Milan the club that I hate so much ,for personal reasons I hate Ac Milan just because my friends love it and they think it's the best team in the world , so I wish for Ronaldo to continue to be as lazy as he was in Real Madrid , but even with his best effort I don't think he can give them anything further than this year .
Ronaldo you will be alway remembered as one of the football's legends and it was nice that you didn't end up at Aliti7ad the saudi club with their crazy manager they have Mansoor El bloi .


Happymoi said...

I love SOCCER!

The WORLD CUP ROCKS! especially when France lost (sorry zedian ur gd too but am not a fan of ur team)..all my family were cheering for France n i was cheering for ITALY...i was a one HAPPY CAMPER WHEN ITALY held the CUP *recalls with pleasure* its always gd to be winning...

RONaldo hasnt been a good player for sometime now...its best that he retires!! KAKA rocks!!

Yeah!Thats about it!!

Back to LABOUR LAW (im sick of studying already!!)

Libyano said...

I never wanted Italy to win except in that match , I hate France so much cos they are always kicking Brazil out.