Clinical Exam

Today I did my clinical exam in Medicine which is the last subject I have and I still have an oral exam on Tuesday after that I am exams free at least until the results come out .

I didn't do so well today though I don't know why , was the defect in me, in the patient or was it in the examiners , let me first tell you how the Medicine clinical exams go , we have five exams divided into one long case in which you sit with the patient for one hour history taking and doing complete physical examination ( not enough time for all that at all ) , then you go to two examiners and they discuss and ask you about this case for 20 minutes ( feels like 20 years) , the other four exams are short cases exams where you go with two examiners to the patient and they ask you to preform certain examination like examine the respiratory system in this patient and they give you five minutes for that then they will ask you about your findings , the short case exam is 15 minutes each but it feels like one hour , one of the four short cases is Dermatology case and since we had dermatology two years ago it's so difficult remembering anything now .
I start my exam on the long case at 7:30 , yes in the morning , the first few words with the patients were like this
صباح الخير كيف حالك اليوم
الحمد لله بخير
الاسم الكريم
خير لاباس من شنى تشكى
ما فيا شى دخلونى للمستشفى على خاطر الامتحان وانى والله ما عندى خلوق لهدا كله
since the moment she said I don't feel like talking and giving history I knew this exam will be screwed and the end result will be so bad , I tried being nice and kind and get the information I wanted I even begged her sometimes to answer the questions ,she was so mean and I knew she hide so many things from me , the history taking took all my time and I had ten minutes only to do the complete physical examination and surly I didn't finish that , so the bottom line I screwed this exam , I am not mad cos it wasn't my fault that the patient was so uncooperative and I had to deal with it anyway cos if you refuse they will tell you this is part of the exam ,how to deal with uncooperative patient !! , this is how our university deal with us ,again the same thing you hear everywhere here in Libya خود ولا خلى.

Id3oli and wish me luck .


Fjäderlös Tvåfoting said...

Hi, I´m a blogger from Sweden, I just sort of surfed in.


A.Adam said...

wish you good luck and may Allah help you, Doctor

Anonymous said...

HI good luck,be sure u will succeed, ur goals and dreams will come true soon i do not know but i sense that just feeling good luck again ALLAH with u

piccolina said...

oh i feel the same sometimes when it comes to the design project presentations ,, u know when u stand infront of your project and start explaining it !!! some of them start making bad Q . like trying to get you , and if u reply in a way like " how can u ask such a Q or whaever .. he'll go !! what if i know nothing about architecture ! what if i'm the clint ,, what if this what if that . how would u deal with it and convince people with your design !?"
so architects are the best in the talking so far coz of this !
anyway that is study in libya , sometimes they say we r examing you by this or that but they didn't even think about it and they can't explain it once it happens !! DUH
allah m3ak inshallah

Lebeeya said...

I wish I could smack that lady for you. Anyway, I am sure you did fine :)

All the best with the oral exam! Good luck.

Libyano said...

thank you all and inshallah I get over with it soon .

Swedish blogger I checked your blog and it was in a language that I don't understand a single word in it , I tried google translator but they dont have Swedish , I hope I find a way to read your blog :)

Adam since you are always wishing me luck I am gonna give you a free check up after I graduate :P

Picolina I know how you feel, you will get used to it and it will stop bothering you anymore ,good luck inshallah , by the way did you watch 7atim el koor's show on Allebya chanal in ramadan he did a iraqi engineering lecturer role and I loved how he was saying keef tibona nsa3do el talaba bash ba3deen ygo yabdo yda3ko feena fil 3amal.

lebeeya, since I know you and I know this woman I think she is gonna kick your butt if you touch her , she even scared me !!

maiuna said...


and as you said, it's a "7'od wala 7'ali" strategy, and inshallah everything will turn out just fine for you "Doctor" ;).

Lebeeya said...

Stop under estimating my stength!:P You know for a fact that I can kick your butt and that lady's butt all together! Bring it on..........

AngloLibyan said...

Good luck InshaAllah
I had to laugh reading about your patient, how useless was that?

Libyano said...

Maiuna , Anglolibyan , thank you
Lebeeya I am sure you will cry if she fanis feek so hani ro7ik

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