Gulf Cup

I didn't start watching the gulf cup until the semifinals and I think I didn't miss anything , the games were so boring and all four teams suck , I think if I was a khaleegi guy I would be so excited because all the games are revenge and competitive matches ,and I know if anyone watches a game between el ahli and iti7ad in Libya would think what a stupid game but competition is what makes it bring 80 thousand fan .
I am a fan of the Omani team ( not because of you Lebeeya) , I think they deserve it especially after they lost the last cup unfairly against Qatar , they have really great team and they have a style in playing unlike many other Khaleeji teams .
2-1 ended the opening match between Oman and Emarites and I hope they end it the same way, but since Emarites are playing home and they woke up from the first slap , they have a big chance for ruining this for me and the Omanis , plus they have this great player called Ismael Matar who scored a really great goal against saudia arabia , it showed that he got skills .


Lebeeya said...

Just to let you know that Ismael Matar is originally OMANI! He just plays for the Emarati team! :)

Today is the final match! I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happymoi said...

I only watched part of one game!

Hope that the Omani team wins just for Leebya's seek!

As for me i'll remain a loyal brazilian fan,i do support other teams too but my top teams are Brazil n Italy!

زين كملاوي said...

waw .. Now emirates has succeeded to achieve the trophy for first time .. after beating omani team ..
omani has lost the game because the played as someone already gain the resulf to his side .. while emirates team played and attacked from the first to win both the result and the cup ..and the what was happen .. congratulation to Emairates ... hardluck to Omani

Libyano said...

Kamlawi , I totally agree with you it was supposed to be the opposite and the Emarati team should be playing as if they already gained the result , I was surprised by the way the omani team played .
Lebeeya , is it true , I mean is he really Omani :S , he beat his original home today .

happymoi it's great to see a Brazilian fan :) but whats up with you girls and the Italian team :(

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