Refreshing Day

Few days ago ......
I woke up after snoozing the alarm five times , I took a shower I ironed my shirt and went out excited that I am gonna be early and I'll find a nice place in the front rows of the class, it was raining all night and it was so refreshing the smell after the rain , I took a deep breath and looked at the green garden with the refreshing smell and I froze ,it was flooding with water , the rain wasn't that much to make it flood and I am sure I didn't leave the water running last night I am sure I closed the tap when I went in to wash the dishes , no it was the sink's tap not the garden's , I looked at my watch and it was 20 minutes for the tutorial to start ,I scratched my head then looked at the flooding garden again I got this big bubble in my head with my dad in it and his face was so red and smoke was coming out of his ears screaming why you ruined my plants, I forgot all about the front row chair and all I had in mind is how I am gonna take all of this water out of the garden, I went looking for the water suction pump we have , and thank god it worked so well and the water was coming out smoothly but I knew it would take so much time because of the flood ,I thought since the whole house was looking like hell outside first because no one cleaned it it since everyone left and also because few days ago it was so windy and floor was covered with sand and now it's mixed mixed with rain making large spots of mud all around the house , I took the hose and started cleaning the house from outside , it took me one hour and a half to finished then I went back took a shower again and wore the ironed shirt and went to the hospital.


piccolina said...

oh yeah i know what u r talking about u !!! my dad is crazy about plants ,,i love them too but not crazy like him so every time he travles i should take of them ..it's like OFFFF if one of them died !!
and hey good job with the cleaning i wish my brother would do that !!

Libyano said...

I can only take care of myself
I can barly remebr to feed myself
I had a fish before but I got so tired form feeding and cleaning .