Home alone in Ramdan

For the next 20 days I will be all alone ,all my family went to Omrah and I am the only one left .this isn't the first time but since it's Ramadana and no body is here to cook or to clean I think it's going to be a bit difficult , although I had the same experience three years ago but then I wasn't as busy studying as now and I cant do what I did then which is eating everyday at a different place , at friends and relatives houses , so today I decided to make my own iftar and it will be mushroom soup and some left over food from last night , I don't know how the soup will come out because I am as any normal Libyan guy the only thing I know how to make good is Mbabka , but since I am hungry I know whatever coems out tonight I will eat it .
If anyone know something simple and easy to cook I will be glad to hear from you and I am gonna be more glad if you invite me :P .


piccolina said...

lol ..sorry for laughing ..i'm not really like ..for me i'm the one who cooks now !!!. so inviting u will be little hard but giving u some easy recipes will be really easy ..i used to be scared of cooking coz i hate it when my food taste bad but i found out that it's more than easy !!..trust me in this !

Libyano said...

well it wasnt all bad after all the soup came out good for a first time try and who knows may be by the end of the month I could be making more delecious things .

lovelytripoli said...

i can help you by giving you this site;

aisha said...

salamu alaikum :)
It sucks being alone in Ramadan...making sharba is reaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllly easy. Do u want the tariqah? Let me know. Good luck with your cooking adventures.

aisha said...

i didnt read the last part of ur blog about inviting you, if you want to take a plane to Ottawa, Canada we would be more than happy to have you. Or you can go to my brother's house in Misratah :) Tell 'em I sent u :)

Libyano said...

LovelyTripoli thank you for the link
Aisha thank you for the invitation
alhamdulilah I am having Ftoor everyday at a different place and until now only once i had to cook for myself , it's great being in Libya .