Libya and Psychiatry

The joy of Eid didn't last for long , as I was visiting some relatives and friends on the first day I found one of my relatives is very sick and after sitting with him I found that his illness is psychological , in Libya it's a shame for 90% of the people to have a psychological disorder, for this relative of mine he has been sick for 10 days and no one outside the house know anything and they have been bringing Shiks and doing all these things thinking the problem is related to Jin or Si7ir or something like that , for 10 days he was suffering and no one thought of getting a medical help , I don't want to act like a saver here but alhamdulilah after I saw him and saw the clear signs and symptoms of Mania we took him to hospital and since it was Eid it was so difficult finding help ,but alhamdulilah now he is ok and Dr Ahmed Kara the best Libyan Psychiatrist saw him and gave him the medication which made him sleep after not sleeping for 10 days and made him calm and quite after being hyperactive , talkative and aggressive .
my point is why we think about psychological problem with shame , why it's like a taboo , why people leave their relatives get worse and worse , why no one think of seeking a psychiatrist for simple things ,why people look at any one with psychological problem as a mad or crazy person , they are humans and they feel and know everything and they just need help and when they are treated they can live normal , but hiding them and leaving them is what makes things worse .
And why it's always si7ir or jin that first thing people think about , we have a very low rate of illiteracy but yet we still have thoughts and believes that most people still follow and they should disappear forever , no one can deny the presence of si7ir and Jin but nowadays we should think scientifically first and then see the results .


Lebeeya said...

I'm really sorry about your relative. I hope he is better now.

However, not just in Libya, but in the majority of the Arab countries, psychology is facing a lack of recognition and awareness among the public. Plus People worry too much about what people would say about them if they ever found out that they visit a psychiatrist.

A.Adam said...

thanks God for 10 days no one were able or think about medical help, you were the saver for him, does any one of your relative was against the idea to see a psychiatrist and prefer going to Shik or something, that's it we all think like this , so sorry.

piccolina said...

the worst place in libya for si7ir is Darna !! yeah i'm from there and i should not being saying this about my home town but that is the truth!!
the reason of everything there is the si7ir or the jin ! ppl are denying the real resons ..i went there once 2 years ago ,i didn't hear anyone talking about hospitals ,she got divorced coz of si7ir , he is mad at his son coz somebody did si7ir !!!!!DUH
there is si7ir and jin but we should NEVER say it's the reson for our problems ! face the truth ppl
i love psycholgy ..the only kind of reading i like to do ..if i can go back i'll do whatever it take sot study it
i'm not a psychologist but i know alittle bit about mania ..inshallah ur relative well be great soon ( i'm sorry for him )

10/27/2006 10:19 AM

aisha said...

libyano...i hear what you're saying subhanAllah. My cousin is sick with as far as I can tell symptoms of depression. I'm not a doctor (I'm a google doctor), did a minor in psych, but don't know much about psychiatrics. I lived in Libya for four years and never saw this cousin of mine, even though we lived in the same city, because she refused to leave her home, and when people came over she refused to leave her room. Her sisters used to tell us incidents of her threatening to harm herself. The environment she lives in is not very accepting to people with difficulties, so she was always ignored, up to the point where she was refused to eat, and became so weak she was unable to go to the bathroom on her own.
My other aunts and uncles all advised my aunts to do something, as alhamdulillah, money was not an issue, for years no one did anything, until last month by the grace of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala, they took her to a psychiatric clinic where she stayed for about two weeks, they prescribed her medications, and she is now doing much, much better alhamdulillah.
I think slowly our Arab socities are opening up to dealing with psychiatric disorders. We still have a long way to go, but with du3aa and striving towards making a difference we will have a better services for such people who need help.

ema said...

Yeah it's hard to explain that mental illness isn't something to be ashamed of..but instead it needs to be treated.
I guess all the myths are due to the little knowledge of medicine and health care.
It's that their tiny knowledge came from movies and (el3asfoorya)(mostashfa elmaganeen).
But the bright side is that today is better than before...

Hope your relative is getting better.