Libyan bloggers on top 10

I am on Blogger Since July 2004 and by then I didn't known any Libyan Bloggers but now after two years I noticed the number of Libyan bloggers is increasing everyday and I get excited every time I find a new one , I remember the first Libyan blog I saw was KhadijaTeri's blog even though she is not originally Libyan but she is more Libyan than some Libyans , and for a long time her blog was the first referral site for my blog and I never got to thank her for that , lately I have found that some people being referred from itoot top 10 page and when I got there I was surprised to see my blog as one of the top 10 , I think I have never been in top 10 of anything in my life , I am always the one who just qualify with the lowest limits , and what is more exciting about the top 10 sites is that five of them are Libyan bloggers , I am so proud of that and I hope one day we can make a large Libyan bloggers community .


I love Munich said...


I am very happy for you - that is really fantastic! I wish you guys (all the Lybian bloggers) all the best and SUCCESS!! :)

maiuna said...

MABRUK!!!!that's great, and we are growing everyday and about to become a LARGE Libyan bloggers community!

KhadijaTeri said...

Thanks Libyano!

piccolina said...

mashallah ur blog is great and it's great to be one of the top 10
happy for u :)
keep it up

cofman said...

hi all, just came to say i have a blog - bye

Afnan and Aya said...

hey mabrook
I just started my blog too. Please come visit everyone!

Anonymous said...

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