Freej( 3D Cartoon)

Last night I noticed a great 3D Cartoon on Dubai TV called Freej , I don't know for how long they have been putting it but since I don't deal with TV that much I just noticed it last night accidentally , the cartoon is so fuuny and hilarious and it's great because it's something totally new and different and the main characters made the cartoon more special because they are group of old women which is a brilliant new idea , I am going to watch it everyday from now on because last nights episode was so much fun and even they were talking in Emarati I managed to understand 98% of what they were saying .


moryarti said...

its a good show.. a bit slow, but has very funny punchlines - esp today's

dania2004 said...

hey ..
i`m so thrilled that somebody is watching um khammas and her old folks .. i thought that only me and my daughter are addicted to it ..
since it is your first day watching this hilarious cartoon ..i will just tell you that is soo funny .. it reminds me of the southpark cartoon few years ago in an arabic version..
i also remeber that the kuweiti people had a simmilar cartoons called "get3a talata3esh" which was sooooooooo funny that i even brought its soundtrack CD ..
my dania is addicted to it she called it "um hammas " ..
have a nice ramadan

Um Dania

Red Rose said...

It seems cute,i'll try to watch it ;)

Noran said...

i think this cartoon attract me> coz its unexcepted performing from arab to do something funny like this on TV ...although its not perfect .. its make u surprised and sure ..... laugh alot

Nana said...

The show was great ad I am really proud of this young Emarati group. I read about it may be 4 months before Ramadan and I was looking forward to watch it and see if it worth it. They did a great job. I named my sisters and their names with the same names of the characters of the show which I thought they are close to, bit funny:)