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yesterday was the longest total eclipse here in Libya , I was hoping we would get the day off so I can go and watch it down there in Waw el namous but thanks to our doctor he only gave us half an hour brake so we can see the 75% eclipse here in Tripoli , well our doctor said you are doctors now and your concern is with medicine and Eclipse is the concern on Austonauts , you dont see and Austonaut watching any operation even it's intersting , evryone has his own things to worry about , I wasnt convinced with what he said until I saw the partial eclipse , I understood what he meant , this eclipse only showed me the greatness of god and that the earth and the moon are really moving , and this is just another thing added to the list of things I missed because of my studies .

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A.Adam said...

the same thing that happened to me, With my best wishs with your study