I love a loser

the worst thing in the world when you love a loser , I was hoping they could get better by the time , change their bad preformance , make up for the bad times , but no way they are just getting worse and worse , and the problem is I cant stop lovign them or watching their games , I started to be real madrid fan back in 1996 , I wasnt that old but I used to be so proud of being (Realist) , nowdays I am still proud but I jsut cant speak loudly about the victories anymore , we blamed the coaches first , then Florentino Pérez "the big Boss" , but I guess it's the players that arent playing with spirit is the main problem here , Beckham busy with his hair cuts and shooting ads, Ramos with his photoshot sessions , ronaldo with his girlfriend and family problem , Zidan wants to retire , Raul doesnt want to let go and admit that he lost the talent as Baptista after joining the team , Helgeura is the worst and there is no excuse for him but being the worst in the team , god help Casillas the only one who is making the biggest work in the team .

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