1 hour @ ER

Today in less than one hour at the casualty ( ER ) in TMC hospital there were two young girls with drug poisoning after trying to commit suicide , one had a full pack of antihypertensive drug , the other girl which came few minutes later had some rat killing drug , add to that 5 patients came with severe attack of asthma , on old man came with cardiac arrest ,he died in front of us after trying everything with him .

this wasn’t the first time I see someone dying in front of me , I volunteered to work to work for two months at Abo sleem hospital two years ago , I worked at the ER , I saw 5 people died there but the only one I still think about is that young girl which was hit by a car , actually it was her brother who run over her in the garage because he didn’t see her ,when we went out he was asking us how is she , that hurt so much because he knew she was dead but he kept shaking me asking how is she , I didn’t say anything and I still remember him looking at me trying to see any hope , but there wasn’t any , but above all that I still remember all these people we saved their lives , I didn’t do much back then but I knew I am going to be like this one day , that’s why I love what I am doing , I want to help people , to give them what they most need , to give them life when they think it’s going away .

Coming again with more from the hospital

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