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I don't know what to write about the final , the game is unpredictable and there is no way of guessing who might win , the two teams proved that they are the best although I think Italy is quite stronger in the semifinal match unlike France they had harder match and they managed to score two goals but France was unable to finish their attacks with a goal except when they had a penalty shoot , defense will be solid in either sides of the field , I don't know how goals will be scored , I repeat it again I just hope the match ends with goals not with penalty shoot outs .

on the other hand if we try to predict the result from the history of the two teams and the performance of their teams in this tournament I think at the fifa world cup website there are some nice articles especially the ones with facts and numbers about the two teams Italy and France , I thought of copying some stuff from there but they were so much so here are the best three articles .

Who is the fairest, Italy or France?

Henry tops list for fouls committed

Things you didn't know about the Final

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