Portugal Play Germany Wins

The game was as simple as that , Portugal played but Germany score goals and won , Portugal had the ball most of the time and they controlled the rhythm of the game but they had two problems one they were very slow in preparing their attacks , two they didn't have the player to get the ball in the goal and make the final touch , Germany on the other hand had the ball few times but they managed to score 3 goals and there was a lot of selfishness in their play or else they had the chance to score more than that , and even the goals were by the same man with the long name that I can't say probably SCHWEINSTEIGER , the goals were almost the same copy especially the 1st and 3rd goals , the game was fair enough after all and congratulation to Germany and Karin .

I am waiting for tomorrow's match so bad , I don't know what will happen because it either gonna be a very good game or a boring game from the over caution by the two teams , I just hope we don't see penalty shoot outs and of course the second hope is for Italy to win .

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I love Munich said...

THANK YOU Hamed!!!! :):)
I have to greatly agree to your analysis .. the first half was rather uncoordinated, not up to the used niveau. The second was better and they scored .. but why do you call their play selfish? I don't see it this way ..
You are REALLY good .. you spelled the name correctly .. "Sebastian Schweinsteiger"! He's a brilliant talent, only 21 - with a great future! Besides he's a nice guy, down to earth without any star-nonsense despite the media flocking around him most of the time like big flies around a lit lightbulb!
Truth? I was relieved, Portugal scored one goal at least at the end ... they did more than deserve it and I didn't want them to have to leave with a 0-score on their side!
The celebration afterwards was out of this world ... I could not detatch myself from the TV till 01:30!! Someone mentioned, all 3-rd-place celebrations during the next 500 years will be compared to this one and I can only agree - it was really SO INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL - I have never seen something alike!! German fans celebrated together with Portugese fans ... it was heartwarming and represented in my eyes the unmatched beauty of friendship, togetherness ... and fairness!

Whoever will win today, I'll be happy with - and sad for the loser .. it's just that way!