After Brazil was kicked out I don't think there is anything left for me in the world cup , I am just holding my hopes with Portugal first then Italy , Karin might think I hate Germany , I am not but I am sorry I cant stand them winning the world cup , I don't know why I have this feeling against them may be because they broke my heart when I was a kid back in 1990 when I was as every other kid in the world loving Maradona and they took the world cup from Argantina , so I am with Italy tomorrow and I want them to win in any way because I think once the German win this game then the world cup will be for them , and Karin look at the bright side non of the teams I cheer win, I am like a bad luck for them so may be it will work this time with Italy too and Germany wins.
in the end whoever wins tomorrow I just hope to see a good game , I really didn't enjoy a good game yet not because my teams are loosing but I noticed that all the matches play is just for wining and not for a good play but thats what is football 's like these days .


I love Munich said...

Hamed .. you're REEEEALLY GREAT!! You made me laugh a lot ... thanks so much for being THAT considerate! To tell you the truth, the idea you might have anything particular against Germany or even hate "my" team, did indeed cross my mind - more than once even! I am happy I'm wrong! So you'll cheer for the "azzuri" tomorrow .. and I for my team - and we'll see! One HAS to lose and I will certainly not sink into a deep depression if Germany will be the one (but will be HELL of disappointed of course .. ha-ha!) - I'll take a DEEP breath and be happy for YOU then!
I hope as well it will be a GOOD game and less of a battle ... we'll find out in less that 24 hours!! Thanks so much Hamed - you're REALLY something else! :):)

Hani said...

Italy shall win... and the will... hopefully :s

Lebeeya said...

I wanted Brazil to win, not because I like the team or anything but because someone requested me to cheer for them :)

However, since Brazil is out i didnt know who to cheer for so i was having like major thought with myself. I was gonna go for Italy but then it hit me that Italy has won the world cup before and Portugal hasnt. So I am cheering for Portugal. Seriously, everyone should have a chance to win. Its so uncool when the same countries keep getting the Cup.

Please note, I have not yet watched a match this World Cup :)


Libyano said...

I had such a terreble dream last night ,I dreamt Germany scored two goals one of them was by Puldosky , I dont know if they won or not cos I woke up scared , karin you might think this is a good sign .

I love Munich said...

Ha-ha ... you poor guy - Hamed ... you have NIGHTMARES already??? Please don't ... that's not worth it! I try to take this a GOOD OMEN though and hope, Lukas Podolsky will have an intuition or or feel at least a few sudden urges to thunder the "round" into the "square"! Let's just take it easy ... and RELAX! No more nightmares Hamed ... pleeease!

I love Munich said...

See, Germany did NOT win but Italy - well, I'm sure sorry but it's great as well, they made it to the half-finals! In four years they will have another chance ... let's wait and see. Who will get the championship now I pretty much don't care but wish them all luck!