Blue night

The Azzuri made my day last night , they played so so good , last night's game is the best I saw so far , there wasn't any holes in their team in any position , everyone did his job , The crowd was putting the Germans on pressure more than helping them , they made them want to win with any way that's why they didn't keep the ball and they always lost it with no much danger on Buffon , even it took the Italians so long to score but they really played a great game , I loved the one - two passes they were doing all the time , Pirlo was surly the man of the match and what agreat pass he made to grosso who made me jump from my place after the curved shoot placing the ball in the goal , Gilardino did what I call rasasit al ra7ma ( mercy shot) to the Germans when he played with them and made the great pass for Del Piero to score the second goal , for Germany there wasn't much to do more than they did , I believe that's all they can do , may be they were dependent so much on the crowd but they didn't help that much in the end .


I love Munich said...

I know you were and are still a happy camper ... I was even thinking of you yesterday evening!!
I feel sorry ... but then again - it is great they made it to the half-final!! In two years we'll have European Championship and world championship in another four years ... so AZZURI, just watch out!!!

7mada said...

It was a great game of football, no diving, no bad tackles, just free flowing football from both Germany and Italy. But the Italians looked more dangerous when attacking; you could sense they were going to score. The Germans did play ok, they wanted to carry the ball forward and score but like Hamed said - they seemed pressurised from the high expectations.

A great game!