the final

For a world cup final match it was very nice and strong from both teams ,untill the last minute I couldn't tell who will win , both team switched roles after each other , they both deserved to be in the final and no one of them had the upper hand in the match , I didn't expect to see goals though but I was shocked with the unfair penalty kick given by the referee at minute 6 , but bravo Italy they managed to come back after 13 minutes .

Zidane deserved the red card no question about it , I just wonder what Matterazi might have told him , but whatever it is it should be too small for such a great player to do something like what he did , it was the worst thing to end his carrier with .

In the end I expected it to end with the penalty shoot outs and it did and I am glad that
Italy won because they really needed it and deserved it .


Anonymous said...

Because Zidane is such a great player and person, this is not me saying this, but all who have known him, we can't pre-judge him, for some one of his calibre and experience the Italian player must have said some thing so grave that he had to protect his honour. Put your self in his place and if some one did that to you and provoked you. Emotions are sometimes very difficult to control. Zidane knew what he did, he was already taking off his captains band even before the ref showed him the red card. He also did not cry like a child, he acted like a true man, walked off and kept quiet, may be soon he will explain what the other guy said. As for the people who will say that he has damaged his legacy and history, they are mistaken, he was the best player in the last 20 years and one of the best 5 players ever, it will take more than a head butt to make that go away. He will be missed and he has made the Algerians proud wheather in France or North Africa. The Italians however will always be crafty and they do not deserve the world cup.

aisha said...

lol...i love zidane and most of the French team...although I'm loyal to the Italian team. Someone sent me this flash and I thought it was hillarioushttp://flash.abunawaf.com/2006/07/zidane.html

Anonymous said...

What I can't understand is why are the Libyans loyal to the Italian team when Italy killed off half the population of Libya during the occupation? Don't give me its just a sport excuse please.