Thursday night I came home late and I tried to turn on my laptop but it didn't want to start and after hearing the loud sounds the hard disk is making I started to think that this might be a big problem and I might have lost all the data I have for good , I don't know what to do so I guess it's time to get an expert to see what's wrong .
So I am going to be away for sometime till I get my laptop fixed .


Ghazi Gheblawi said...

Dear Libyano I just embarked into your blog, nice work, I like your style, keep writing its the best thing for a doctor to be something else more than just a doctor. Hope you succeed in your last year.

Libyano said...

Thank you Dr Ghazi
I feel so happpy when I see sucsessful Libyan doctors all around the world ,this what makes me work harder so one day I get to join you.

Safia speaks said...

Remember to take BACKUP of any important files on a regular basis.

Imagine this: what if we humans could take a backup of ourselves about let´s say once every day??

Libyano said...

you know safia , sometimes I wish I have backup of myself or at least I have a machine that can go back in time so I can fix somthings I regret .
and last night I watched a movie called changing lanes it is so nice cos it showed how few minutes of your day could change your life forever , so time is the only precious thing in the world cos nothing can bring time back .