Plastic Surgery

This week I started Plastic surgery course at cosmetic and Burns surgeries Hospital ,I think it is the best hospital I saw here in Tripoli and apart from having a website there are a lot of things that are so different from other hospitals , like the good system they have in the hospital , and there is a lot of good doctors doing a very good job in their specialties , Plastic surgery it's not only about making a person looking better as most of the people think , it is mostly about giving the person the function and the shape of something he lost or he was born without it , this is what is mostly this hospital doing here , their work mostly on correcting the congenital abnormalities, burns and traumas .
tomorrow there will be plastic surgery symposium in dat el emad and there will be four surgeons coming from abroad , one of them is Prof. Kenneth Salyer who did the separation f the two Egyptian conjoined twins back in 2003 , so inshallah ( hopefully ) I am going tomorrow to attend it tomorrow .

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