I've been busy for few days now s ,I started my Orthopedic course on Saturday and I was busy studying so I can follow on the basics of orthopedics , everyday in a different hospital because I am trying to follow on the best tutorials and every day I come home so tired after a long day of standing .

on Sunday I went to The Fourth National Diabetes and Endocrinology Conference in Corinthia hotel, it was so nice attending the lectures from one of the best doctors in this specialty , that day it was about Diabetic and endocrine emergencies , then we finished the night with Dr Issam Hajjaji giving a lecture on Diabetes in Libya , I guess you all know how almost every home in Libya has a patient with diabetes and along with hypertension they make the main chronic diseases here in Libya ,the problem is that there is no reliable study to see the percentage of the people affected but hopefully after the census there will be some results that can help , the medical records is one of the problems I see in our hospitals ,there is no such a thing as a medical record , patients files aren’t stored probably , and computers are something too new to use in our hospitals , and I don’t think any of the staff in the hospitals know how to use it anyway , we also have what is called relatives staying with the patient when they are admitted , it's so they can help the patient in everything and this leaves a question what does nurses do , well I don’t know how to answer this , you have to come and see by yourself .

I am not saying that everything is bad and all the people working in the hospitals are bad too, but the majority of things make you not notice the good people and the good things out there.


Safia speaks said...

I once read a fascinating study of camel´s milk being used to treat diabetes. Libya should look into the theory; there are some links here http://www.diabetes.org.uk/news/dec04/camel.htm

Libyano said...

thank you for the article , and yes alot of people here use camel milk but it's needed with controle of the food they take because most of the patients they don't go on restricted diet .

this page has a quick and very nice information about diabetes