Things are getting crazy over here with me lately , I have a lot of things need to be done I don't know why I am still not organized , I stay bored for couple of weeks not doing anything that I find out that I have to do so many things in short time , things get all together at once , so is it me not being organized or isn't things coming to me once .

I met Khadija Teri last week and she was such a sweet lady not much different from the person you see in her blog , I went to visit her with Akram ( A.Adam) in the school she works at ,we had a nice short quick conversation and in the end she put on my shoulder the great idea she suggested , a blood drive for the Libyan bloggers , well I don't know from where to start but inshallah kheer , so for now I need your help to sign your names in and tell me if we can do it or not , I will be away after the next week so we will have enough time to plan everything inshallah , on the other hand Akram told me about this event on Child's day on the 21st march in Tripoli Medical Center , all the details you can get them from him I think .


Khadijateri said...

Libyano! You make it sound like this is gonna cause you to break out in a sweat from hard work! lol

Put me on the top of the list.


DaMoon said...

I am in too Libyano...
get organized dude..lol jk I am da last person to talk about being organized cuz I AIN'T, rabe e3awen

A.Adam said...

Thanks Libyano and May Allah Help you .
you are not alone on this me too. I have lot of things to be done by this week. so ربنا معانا إن شاء الله

about the event I posted about it Here

Libyano said...

Well abla khadija I am trying to get more people to sign in by showing that it's gonna be a big event :) .

Damoon glad to count you in and I forget to say that every blogger should bring at least one friend with him/her

A.adam inshallah we get to do this right ,thnx for everything .

Highlander said...

This is a great idea, I won't attend but I'll tell people about it :)

onlibya said...

Count me in :-)

Anonymous said...

me too, I might not atend but surly i will let everyone know about it

Safia speaks said...

So crazy that I can´t attend!
Why don´t we meet in Second Life???
Create a Libyan space there?
(even if I still think Second Life sucks!)

Libyano said...

thank you guys , inshallah I will let you all know when everything is set , as for now I am going to be away for two weeks

Highlander said...

Safia :) I told you we should meet in SL .... making a Libyan space would be great . Can you do that ?

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