first step to the road trip

Since I am going on a road trip with one of my friends , a road trip that I still don't know where it will end but I only know the direction, we are going east , I don't know how far though , so I took this opportunity to finally do something I always wanted to do , buy new wheels and tires for my car ,it felt like when a girl buys new shoes , so much excitement , showing it to everyone and asking how does it look .
I always wanted to buy new wheels because the old wheels looked so ugly because two weeks after I bought the car( two years ago) the covers of the wheels were stolen and I never bought new ones plus the old wheels were shaking the car cos they were wrecked and there was no way to use them for a long trip and I was right to change them because when I wanted to leave one of them as a spare I found all of them were not good and the guy in the shop asked me how you manged to use them until now!! , I even tried selling them but no one even wanted to throw them at the back of his shop until he sell them .

so now tell me what do you think of the new wheels ?

By the way I am not a shoes kind of guy , I have only one shes I use it all the time no matter what I wear and as you can see I think it's about time I buy new ones or may be I'll wait until my big toe stick out of it like it did in the last one .


Lebeeya said...

I think your tires look so nice mashallah.. eat that ugly Lebeeya's tires! eat it! eat it!

congrats! :) hope your tires keep you happy. forever and ever.

Have a safe & fun trip with your friend. Don't forget to take lots of pictures!!

piccolina said...

ohhh i've been to the east till darna , great places especially now , you'll enjoy your time for sure !
thank GOD you changed them and i can't believe you cleaned your car . good job " wink "

mm the shoes , i guess they USED to look great, i like their design " wink "
when is your BD i'll buy u new shoes since i'm facing good luck in them lol

Libyano said...

thank you Lebeeya , now if I run over you , you will feel nothing cos the tires are new :P .

Piccolina ,
-inshallah I will visit darnah too .
-I hate cleaning my car because whenever I do it it rains and when it rains you know how the streets become .
-If you find me nice shoes size 45 you will be my new hero :P .

AngloLibyan said...

Mabrouk for the wheels & you washed your car as well, nice :o)

I hope that you enjoy the trip, be careful while driving and InshaAllah all goes well.

MaySoon said...

Mabrook for the wheels, and enjoy your trip .. ah one more thing.. GET NEW SHOES! :o)

Libyano said...

anglolibyan thank you , too bad I was right it always rain when I wash my car , for two weeks the weather was nice and sunny , but hey I washed my car yesterday so today it's raining heavily :( , I think farmers should pay for my car wash every time they want rain .
Maysoon if you find nice shoes size 45 then you have the right to ask me to get new ones .

Happymoi said...

lol i was laughing my head off when it rained...lol...i guess you got no luck in keeping a clean car!

Thats alright! Rain is good..

Nices tires,55555555555 lol so you wont say we e7sed you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mabrouk the new wheel.
Regarding your trip, if you do go past Sirt then don't stop until you get to Derna.
And if you've never been there before then drive slowly between Sirt and Ajdabiya ( a lot of camels and bad driving ), and in the Green Mountains if you drive too fast without knowing the road you'll find yourself off a cliff :).

Anonymous said...

take a very good care while driving yr golf near zawia area .. such tires can never help you .

aghliw said...

you should stop in misratah!!! I'm not there, but you can go visit my brother...he lives in a part of town called Kirzaz (we secretly call it Quraysh), but works in a part of town called Qasr Ahmad in some kidney clinic. You should extend your eastern trip until Marsa Matruh Egypt, its really cool and the beaches are gorgeus, clean, and not crowded, and khalee lives there!

amena said...

Nice :o) mashallah! The Golf is the best car ever!!

Libyano said...

happymoi , I love it when it rains but the roads become lakes and rivers so this is the thing that piss me off so much when it rains >

Anonymous,thank you for the advice ;)

Trapelsi, thanx for the advice but did u mean الزاوية or I am mistaken

Aghliw , I've been to Misrata before
(http://libyano.blogspot.com/2006/06/away-from-cup.html) and I think it's one of the best cities in Libya , may be on my way back I'll stop there , and inshallah we make it to Egypt and will visit many places there .

Amena , thank you but really the Golf isn'the best car ever ,cos the best car I ever seen is the Maserati

Safia speaks said...

I know what you mean, about the shoes. I have a favorite pair of boots, too, and I usually walk them into destruction before I bother buying a new pair - very un-womanish!

Congratulations with the new wheels. It´s not a Porshe, but.....

Safia speaks said...

Oh btw, brother, could you stop at Bir Merduma and take a picture for me?
Bir Merduma is just after Nuwfilia.

I need it for the re-edition of one of my books about the shaheed Ali Ahmed Holmboe, and if the pic is taken well, your name will be credited for it in the book!

DaMoon said...

mabroook el3jlat, shiny stuff and i am sure these ones will never enkhnbo...drive carefully o enjoy ur road trip :)

Anonymous said...

hey smart thing you didnt show the numbers of the car, lol
or else we will be stalking you all over tripoli ( devil face)

enjoy your trip

Anonymous said...

If you go all the way to Darna,there is a place called Ras Hilal, where the mountain meets the sea ! its simply gorgeous, there is a beautiful resort over there,nice services and reasonably priced as well, so enjoy and pray for me !


Highlander said...

Enjoy your trip . What a lovely clean car mashallah, that's why I never clean mine because it rains or the pidgeons pee on it LOL.

No comment regarding the shoes ...

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