I have many friends but there are only three that I spend most of the time with and only one that knows all my secrets, and one day I am going to kill one of these three friends, not on purpose but accidentally, why is that? let me start from the first accident last year when we were on a picnic in Surman (west to Tripoli) I was joking with my friend and I through a stone from a very far distance to his way and while he thought it was coming toward him he moved to the place where after few seconds the stone hit the back of his head and you should know the rest , this was the first victim ,The second was two months ago when we were at my home the four of us , but now it’s another one’s turn , this time my friend was not wearing a shirt and washing his hands after a long day of moving furniture from my old house , there we have this machine for cold and hot water so I poured some hot water and checked it with my finger and it was warm , I poured it on him to make him feel a bit warmness as a Joke (again) but he jumped and screamed so bad and when I ran to see his shoulder everything went black in front of me I saw his skin was shedding out , it turned to be my finger didn’t feel that the water was boiling, I only can say that he was a real friend that he still speaks to me , the last victim was two days ago and he is again so lucky to have me as friend cos I broke his hand when I closed the car’s door on his hand , all I want to say from all this is that the true friend is the only one who can forgive you for any thing you do even if you hurt him physically not only emotionally , and thank god that I have this kind of friends around me.

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear at this rate your not going to have any close friends left!!And if you have accidently threatened their lives...stone, car door and scolding water...does that mean you might have to start watching your back!!hehe