It's a new year

Honestly I don't feel any change but I hope it will bring the best for all the world inshallah

I have no plans for the new year except to work for the same goals I have in my head which I still didn't achieve.


I am still going to physiotherapy sessions and I feel a little improvement in my finger alhamdulilah , I also bough exercising ball ( I named it Balla ), I keep it with me all the time and use it everywhere ,even the consultant of the unit I work at now caught me playing with it during the round ,I don't knwo I can't stop playing with Balla I love the sensation of squeezing it's very relaxing, sometimes even while driving I find it in my hand without knowing and squeezing it , I am addicted to it .


This is lucky the laziest cat in the world , I am not used to having cats wandering around because my dad never liked having any kind of animals at home his excuse was I already have too many , I was at my friend's house that day and I slept there and while dreaming I started to feel something walking on me I thought it was with the dream till I opened my eyes and screaming like a girl i found lucky was standing on my chest , I wonder how cat owners live their lives having somebody always walking around the house I think people with cats or pets get robbed more than people who don't have any pets , it makes sense that the slightest abnormal sound will wake me up in the middle of the night but if I had a cat I will think oh it's just the cat.

now time to go back to my miserable life routine



Ghazi Gheblawi said...

Libyano, we need you to blog more this year, and hope that you get a quick recovery from your injury. Cats are noce pets, our family like pets, we can't live without them, once we had more than 4 kinds of pets (birds, cats, turtels, sheep) at the same time. I used to have three cats while I was in my first flat in Manchester. Anyhoo, wish a happy and successful 2008. Ghazi

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year




a_akak said...

I hope you get better soon and as ghazi said, we need more posts from you, I know these balls are also used to de-stress yourself :)

I am not the biggest fan of animals, so I wont add more ;)

Fe Aman Allah

S.Hamid said...

Happy new year ..!

MaySoon said...

Allah e2nsek :o)

I have one of those balls for Meral and I do play with it myself, it releases stress doesn't it!

Happy New Year

piccolina said...

heeyyy i'm sorry for what happened to ur finger , i think i'm too late !! sorry but i'm so glad that u r ok now alhamdulilah :))))

mabrook le PORTIBOOL " as libyans say " loool ...good one and about the cat u just reminded me of my cats " sad face" i used to like the way they wake me up loool but yeah the first time they did was really scary lol

yalla salam

LoveLyH said...

i am Happy That you back finger together ..LOL

I agree with my brother Ghazi We await many wonder of Your Posts that we all missed.

I like cats and I
still like them after Exposed to a skin disease is rare in the semi-university studies.

The reason for the cat and also because I became sensitive to the respiratory system and also aware that the hair cats cause abortion for many pregnant women also..
I like cats and I remember a lot of beautiful memories with them:), but I remember the long months in the corridors of hospitals:(
I like birds and turtles Too.
i remember that my brother wake of a night of poor voice of Our cat that was sleeping on his feet suddenly he has a quick shot as she was Football.


Happy new year libyano,and i am wiaitng ur new shots "Photes"

enlightened spirit said...

glad to see ur thumb joined ur fingers, no more excuses for being away from bloging...

Libyano said...

Dr ghazi
inshallah this year I will break the record of posting
happy new year and inshallah all your plans will be done before 2009

wallahi I stayed almost ten minutes trying to find something to say back for your comment but I couldn't so i am just gonna keep this o khalas :P

thank u , u 2 inshallah

I am one of those people who won't feel ok until I smash something if I was very angry so this ball is quite helping

happy new year to you too

thank u for the LATE concern :P
i hate those people who say bortibool and they even ask sheni feeh neet
cat's are evil I don't think I want to have one anymore

inshallah la bas 3leek ridi balik min el gtatees raho el allergy mish sahla

enlightened spirit
thank you inshallah there will be more posts soon

Maya said...

Salam Dr.Libyano
Glad to see that your finger get well mashaAllah,and gongrats for your laptop mashaAllah its nice

pest are the best in this world and till now no body robbed us alhamdulilah

fe aman Allah

Libyano said...

shokran D.ora Maya
I knwo you have a cat but I am sorry i don't like them that much and I think my childhood taught me to not love cats we used to 7adif cats fil shara3 :P

Anonymous said...

HamduAllah 3la salamaat your finger. The squeezy ball is great for de-stressing...but be careful you don't go from using it to help with your physio and anger management ("I am one of those people who won't feel ok until I smash something if I was very angry so this ball is quite helping") to having a full on addiction of "Balla"...you may have to think about going cold turkey :-)

Cats...don't have much to say about them realy...they have their uses I guess!!

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