Crazy people

I had couple of Japanese friends who thought that we are " the rest of the world " weired and crazy so take a look at this and tell me if they were right or not ?

Ping Pong Matrix style

Food Fighting


PH said...

Everybody thinks everybody else is "weired" :D. As for the Japanese they are a really cool bunch, very funny and peaceful. Do you watch Anime or read Manga ? You really get an inside view of their culture from those .


piccolina said...

looool i saw that before .. thsoe ppl r totaly crazzzyyyy

thanks for sharing :)

Mr: Madi said...

the most confusing thing with these people that I can't differentiate between them they are all looking like each other

Happymoi said...

thats crazy fun..i'd love to try the first thingie..looks like tons of fun...*happymoi imagines that* dream bubble gets poped..lol bak to reality!! who knows maybe one day i'd..

Safia speaks said...

Oh I just loved the ping pong performance! Awesome!

dusk till dawn said...

hello libyano
the japs are realy funny people have a lot of crazy games .so polite to,let them go with the flow
just say to them doomo arigato in jappanese means thank you, keep a way of there sea food libyano u might get poisond.

LovelyHibo said...

Crazy things..made me asking,who win???

Why You Ignoer me and ignoer my blogg..!!

i will make big 3arkahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Mujahada said...

These are so cool subhan'Allah!

Highlander said...

hehehe I want to play this matrix thing

Khalid Jorni said...
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Anonymous said...

Ramadan kareem


loza said...

lol I saw it but they r so crazy and so fun ,,, i like that alot ,,, thankx Libyano for sharing