My Killing Wish list

I am not an organized person but I always have lists of things in my head , for example i have a list of the People I want to kill , or as I like to call it My Killing Wish list , and there is a list of people who might want to kill me as well , but this time I will write my Killing wish list only and I hope I don't forget anyone here .

  1. Head of Medicine department
  2. Head of surgery department
  3. Head of Paediatrics department
  4. the Painting teacher in my primary school who hit me just for coloring the painting without him saying so
  5. A guy working in the passports checking in tripoli international airport ( this is a very long story I'll mention it some other time)
  6. A white Toyota corolla owner who smashed my side mirror and didn't even stop to say sorry
  7. A guy at Mizran street for messing with my family
  8. A girl who parked in front of my car and made me wait hours till she came
  9. My ex dentist cos he took away my tooth that could have stayed
  10. A guy named Talib for messing with someone i care about ( brutal murder)
  11. A gas station guy in Tajura for being extremely rude with my dad
  12. An old British lady ( this is as a favor for someone i care about)
  13. A relative of mine that I hate so much because he's simply an ass
  14. A polish girl studied with me once
  15. Some smart asses studying with me
  16. A guy who ruined the students including me meeting including em with the dean

and there are a lot of people who I am not planing to kill but may be if they get on my way again i might kill them , who knows may be after finishing the list i will love doing this and become a pro , so make your list everybody and send it to me if you need any help .


Lebeeya said...


*falls off chair due to extreme laughter*

If you kill everyone on your wish list, I wont need to make a list :)

Safia speaks said...

Since you obviously have too much money (as seen on your photograph), I´ll make a deal with you:

1) YOU give me the money, and

2) I´ll shorten your list!

Whattaya say?

Anonymous said...

i just started one after reading your post!!!!!!! somebody made my life miserable this morning ...and sent me 40 years back in time(story of left-handed and how we r min 3aml al shaytan)! good idea ...i'll try to add people to the list: a long one or nothing!

piccolina said...

okkkkkkkkkk i have a list too
1- Head of architecture department
2- my friend's ex
3- my last semester housing teacher
4 - a girl at my collage who makes fun of any oen passes by her
u know what i guess i wanna do things before killing . coz once i kill it'll end up and they'll feel only one kind of pain
what if i started taking the skin off and let my teacher's blood come out and listen to him screaming ..put something in his left eye , mmm enough for this ..then BUM kill him
that girl ..let her wear very old clothes "coz she wears expensive designers clothes and make fun of the otehrs"..eh i guess i'm being bad ...astaghfir allah !!

aisha said...

i wish i could make a list...
but here in Canada if someone off my list dies from murder...I would be a prime suspect :S
but on that list would be my 1) second year organic chem prof, who made me hate chemistry. 2)My high school foods teacher, who just liked being mean for the sake of it. 3) The dumbass teacher in libya who gave me blistered hands from hitting because she confused me with my sister. 4)The dumbass sleazy libyan boy who just had to sit beside me on the flight from Amsterdam to Tripoli, had the HUGEST STARING problem in the world...fagsah enshaAllah. 5) the stupid group of libyan shabab on the way home from tripoli to amsterdam who finished all the available alcohol on the plane, for being an embarassment to libyans.Oh yah...and scar from the lion king, if he hadnt already died, thats enough for now before i start to get myself really introuble. ahhhhhhhhh...this is very therapeutic..thanx for the initiative libyano.

ema said...

ok thats called hard feelings,and i tend to hate people at that very moment and want to say or do something that would make a seriuos damage and it might be for a lifetime ..but....

i can't remember if i have a list or not cause i'm a type u can call (ahbal) i forgive after i get highly tempered....sooooo ( MAD)
I guess thats a flaw
but on the other hand i can be easily mad at someone....but then I cool down and forget about it...ugggh i hate it

hammuda said...

How come you did have lttnet management in your list. they should have headed the list.
anyway i started a new blog :abu3wina.blogspot.com
i wish you visit and sign the petition addressed to Dr. Mohammed Qaddafi, if you have already signed the petition, please have your readers and friends who use LTTNET to sign the petition. please help in spreading the news.

Hannu said...

Been a while! Are you locked up? Need a lawyer?

Happymoi said...

I'd never make a list!Im a law student--im supposed to protect everyone's right to live LOOOOL.i know that sounds corny but thats what school does to ones brain..i should share this story>>>>when i was in highscool in Canada, few years ago; i remember this guy(Steven) ,who was my lab partner,he never stops talking about guns--at first i thought ok it could be a guy thing--but when he turned to me and said "Sarah you know i have 200 people on my list to kill" i turned to him and was in total shock "WHAT?" and his reply was even more astonshing "i dont trust anyone--not even you--you could be in the list too" i repled "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?"i was totaly freaked out, and our teacher came to my rescue i guess he was listening to our convo and looking at my reaction.Thanks Mr.Marr..
u know what happened next??? the principle of our school asked for his locker to be searched only to find his list--he got kicked out of the school to my relief...although i had to do the experiments for my science class with my teacher as my lab partner-i didnt mind...i was glad i didnt have to see Steven at school anymore..i thought i'd never see him again BUT-- i remember we had my cousins come visit us from Libya and we deicded to take them to Victoria to chill only to find Steven there at the same park i went to...i screamed thinking he was there after me--that was freaky!!!and more like a movie scene...i was about to faint--i guess am safe now that im back in Libya,and i'll be staying for awhile!!!Its illegal in canada to make a list and you could be criminally charged for it!Now that im in Libya i know its ok to make a list cause it is just "a joke" but prefer not to do one,for i may return to Canada and wouldnt wanna be a suspect of any crime!!..The best way to deal with your enemys is to be nice to them!Try it, it works!!!!

Mutaz said...

Hey there fellow medical colleague, ummm I'll back u up on the first three alright we can then split the spoils 50/50 what do ya say, lol?!

Misratia said...

what about a list of persons you are extremely thankful to them;

which list will be longer?????

Anonymous said...

Gun picture - Killing list - Libyan RAP songs? . You need to get a life, because you're lifeless. You're not Libyan you're nothing, empty, nada.

A.Adam said...

Happy Eid to you and your family Libyano.
wish you did well in your exams,our future doctor

Libyano said...

Thank you Adam and Happy Eid to you too
Nada thank you for analyzing me
Mutaz no thank you I would like to do the job my self and make them suffer as they made me
Happymoi don't worry you can always have your list here in Libya :), and I can help you in the killings if you want .

Hannu may be I'll need a layer soon , glad to know I can depend on you .
Hammuda hope your plan works

Anonymous said...

ok so0o0 im not 1 of them alhamdullah!!!! heheheee...za3ma nxt time??!!:P

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