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No sane human begin can believe whatever Gadaffi and his son are trying to say through their hopeless bizarre speeches , Young people taking hallucination pills, Al Qaeda is after all this, things are normal and quite in tripoli, Gadaffi is still living in 1970's when people had no choice but to listen to what he says and can never see the other side of truth, the whole world can see what he is doing to the Libyans all over the internet social networks and on the media .


Anonymous said...

There are many American Citizens who say they have evidence that al-Qaeda was created by the CIA to further the global Hegemony of England and America.

There could be People who think that one of the two sides in the Libyan Conflict might be falsely blamed by the American Government for acts of Terrorism committed in NATO Countries and in America.

There could be CIA funded Americans who might make explosive devices for American use, in order to suspend the American Constitution, and set up the long planned Military Dictatorship in America.

The purpose of this would probably be to disarm the American population in order to takeaway the few Rights that Americans have after the Clinton and Bush Dictatorships, using the protection of Americans as the unjustified pretext.

It could be that America wants the European Union to take most of the anger of the Arabs against America, because the Arab world may be in transition.

It needs to be mentioned that the commercially motivated mafia, terrorists, and disaffected People know how al-Qaeda has terrorized Iraq.

It needs to be understood that while some American Soldiers are law-abiding, many Americans join the American Army because they love to murder People, especially with impunity.

The American Military knows that one day, they will come Home to America, and that the unarmed American Citizens will be just fine for them to murder if the American Army cannot be in a Foreign Country.

The American Military may have threatened the American Politicians to disarm the American People, before they come Home.

If al-Qaeda is in fact funded by America, and if al-Qaeda is in fact an ally of America, then I think that it is irreverent if Barack Obama is a Secret Muslim.

The Dictators of America have long craved for a Military Dictatorship, and they are cunning on how they want to achieve their Evil plans for a Military Dictatorship in America.

Anonymous said...

There are many People who think that England and America would prefer al-Qeada to govern Libya, rather than staying with Libya’s Constitutional Arrangements.

This is because they have done nothing to bring Democracy to Bahrain, even those America has a Military Base there.

There are many People who think that the Turkic Khazar Jews are responsible, because the Libyan Leader kept saying that Israel murdered President Kennedy, because he acted fairly and justly for the Palestinian People.

Hind said...

I have been blogging about Libya quite a lot since I miss it so much! feel free to pass by my pages

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