How dumb I can be

I open the fridge there is only fat free milk which I hate so much and the whole milk isn't in the fridge but in the cupboard so i decide ok let me use the fat free milk, I pour it in my mug put it in the microwave till it gets hot then I add cocoa to it, now I remember why didn't I use the normal milk :S didn't I just boiled the cold fat free milk .

I arrive just in time for my favorite show on tv , the show starts and I am watching but where is the remote control, I get up and look for it in the whole room, half the episode has passed and I can't find it I look outside the room during commercials I keep looking till the show is over and I still can't find the remote , why didn't I just sit and watch ? what I was going to do with the remote anyway ? .

What will happen if I put the cd the wrong side? , I've thought about it so many times and I decided to be dumb enough and try it , surprisingly the computer didn't explode as I thought and the cd driver is still working good but there is one thing I was hoping to happen, I wanted to get an error message saying WRONG SIDE flip the CD over .

I was hungry and lonely I wanted to eat something, I find a can of Fooll mdamis , I put the pan on the cooker I add oil and then put whats in the can all on the frying pan with really hot oil and the fire almost reached the ceiling I flip the pan in it's place and cut off the gas , what a mess now .
my mind tells me to always put the frying pan on the cooker then add some oil then eggs cos I am used to making fried eggs only , and I forgot that this time the fooll mdamis can contains water and when you add that to hot oil a fire will start .


a_akak said...

LOL, I will tell you why you did what you did:

As for the “full fat” milk, it tastes so much better with coco and especially with Nestlé’s Chocolate milk (small hint) and why did you choose the cold milk even though you wanted to heat it up is beyond me

Man what show was this? I mean are you sure it is a show or a long commercial :P as it seems as it finished to fast :P anyway, I sometimes have the same problem and I think that the remote is just something you must have, a symbol of control hence “remote control” lol

A funny REAL story that happened with a very close friend in Libya, I gave my good friend my Sony Discman and a Michael Jackson “History” album (and this was in the mid 90’s) and my friend wanted to listen to the album, so the next day he comes over “fe al-shara3” (the street) with a huge grin on his face and saying this out loud “ahahahaha “Akak” they have tricked you” so I ask why and he responds be “The other side of the CD is empty” and till today we always laugh at him for this

Thanks for these, it really made me laugh and they happen to everyone but not everyone is willing to come forwards and admit, however, worse stuff do happen to me lol

Fe Aman Allah

LovelyHibo said...

did You found The remote control or no YeT:D
hmeedy, i amnot` agree ,this things doenst` happeind with everyone:d cooking:D:D
you need to buy alshif ramzy`s book,so u can make anything to eat.

thanks for sharing this with us;)

Libyano said...

LOL @ your friend he must be still feel dumb till today because of that :p
thank you for the analysis, I know why i took the cold fat free milk insted of the hot whole milk because my brain is adapted on taking milk from the fridge always so i guess I need to excersize my brain to do more thinking insted of following the normal routine .

as for the remote controle I love holding the remote while watching and I am the annoying type of people who keep flipping between channels just for no reason but may be to see how long the batteries will last .

first lol @ Hmeedy , even my mom doesn't call me that anymore :P

I found the remote but it still keep disappearing I wonder why

I won't need any cook books because inshallah she will cook for me :D

Mad said...

هده انفيسه يا لبيانو يعنى اعوينه زي متقول حناي الله يرحمها باره زور سيدي الوحشي والشيخ بن بركه

MaySoon said...

Maybe you're being too lazy to use your brains..:op

I was guessing maybe you were holding the remote in your hand while you were looking for it! hehhe

Thanks for the laugh, I told you you're being lazy bes!

DaMoon said...

LOL elli wakhid 3aglik....ethanna beeh...lol
dude! hada mesh being dumb hada being madhoob eshiyra!
jbtli khatri fe fool mdamis!
best sandwich, fool mdamis, za3ter and cheese YUMMY

LovelyHibo said...

@ Hmeedy
حالتي احرف من حالة الي يدور علي الريموت كنترول
كتبتها في الظلام تي باهي الي طلعت كلمة وحده خاشه في بعضها

الله يرحمه بوي كان يتفنن في التطيب ويحب يطيب زمان وقت امي عندها مناسبة نلقاه الله يرحمه من الصبح فايق موتي مرقة المبكبكه باش مانلقاش كيف نطيب الغدي قبله:) الله يرحمه ويغفرله

كويس لو اي راجل يعتمد علي نفسه شوية لأسوء الظروف ...تعلم من أحمد يالبيانو :D

Happymoi said...

omg someone--thats what i call a baddddddddddddddddddd day!!

LOOOOOOOL at the remote incident:):):) i too thought it was in your hand (just like Maysoon)...lol lol lol..

thanks for the laugh..what were u thinking??? mash3ol baleek be what?

Lebeeya said...

Men define their manhood through their mastery of the remote control :P

You are not dumb at all, just absent minded. Like me :)

Libyano said...

علاش اصلا بياخدوني بالعين , ما فياش ما ينفسو

yes I am lazy person but I always find myself doing extra work because I wanted to do less :S

lol I wasn't holding the remote although this happens a lot and I am sure not only with me

Rabi yhaneeha inshallah :D o yhani ili wakhid 3aglik too :D

I guess you are right I am madhoob el sheera cos mom sometimes id3i and say yidhib sheertik 3lash derit hiki
aywa yakhti o3sori shwayet lamoon o ideeha shway t7eena o 7atakli swab3ik wara el fool

الله يرحم بوك انشاء الله وربي يخليلك امك

الحمد لله انا نسلك في روحي واصلا خلاص اليومين هاذو البنات معاش يديرو في شي يعني اللي بتتجوزها ما تعباش عليها هلبة لكن فيه بعض الاستثناءت

the story of my days :)
sheni is it too obvious hiki , I mean why everyone asking if my mind stuck to something or someone :D

Every man shall have his own remote control, we had enough of women taking over everything, they can take our lives but they can never take our REMOTES ( Yeaaaaaaaaaaah )

ya tara Lebeeya sheni ili sha3'il balik 7ata inti :P

Anonymous said...

الباين يا لبيانو هلبا ناس صيرلهم زيك هدا اكيد فيروس اللل.... في الهواء :}D

fatboy said...

thanks libyano for the laugh the thing that allways happens to me is puting the garden rooms key in my poket and whene someone askes about it i just say i dont know so the holl family startes loking for it and then gis what i find it in my poket :) so for the last year if a person in my family does not find the key they just cheak my pokets

a_akak said...
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LovelyHibo said...

مش هكي تكتب إنشاء الله
ياودي إن شاء الله
هالرموت نساك كيف تكتبها صح

ولا بالك الماكلة نساتك كيف تكتب..؟

هو بيني وبينك من كثر مالرجاله عابين علي النساوين في التطيب لين بيصيرلهم زي ماقلت :D:D

والله اني يعرف يطيب ندير يوم بيوم اني وياه لووووووووووول

Happymoi said...

u know libyano..everyone says there are exceptions..and everyone thinks their situation is an exception but tell u what..i dont think sooooooooo...3/4 if not 4/4 of all girls no nothing nowdays--kulhum "bayrat" loooooooooooooool..well except HAPPYMOI:):) im an exception from the exception i dont even classify myself as a bayra cuz bayrat mara mara edyro haja as for me -i shall remian silent:):)

Anonymous said...

Libyano keepsmile LoL ??? what s mean

Libyano said...

فيروس الغباء الحاد
يسبب انحصار في التفكير وبلادة في التدبير معظم المرضي يموتون نتيجة الحرائق في المطبخ

lol , thsi happens to everyone but beleive me I am one of the worst, I sometimes look for my glasses while wearing them :D

سامحيني معليشي انا كنت نكتب بالليبي فخشت بعضها الحكاية

لوول احس شي المشاركة يا يوم بيوم يا اما انتي تطلي وهو يمصمص

I am sorry to tell you that there are exception and this exception of mine is the exception of all exceptions , everythnig about her is an exception and even no one sees these exceptions I am so happy to be the exception who sees all the exceptions she has :D

in uni i always have long discussions with girls studying with me about being bayra or not and I always end up winning either by proving she is bayra or making her make us a cake to prove she is not bayra and know how to cook :P , cos sheni hada wallahi el wa7id yagro m3ah greeb 7 years o ma3omrash dag minhom 7aga o ba3deen ygololi la mish bayereen
so yall to prove u r not bayra let us taste the cake you make :P


Safia speaks said...

Man, I do dumb stuff all the time, like putting a cup and a saucer in the freezer in stead of in the cupboard.

The worst dumb things I do is when somebody tells me to hide something; it is never to be found again. I am such a hardline hider of things, even my brain deletes the information of where i have hidden it. Several birthday presents turn up months after peoples birthday, because I hid them too well.

Once i was locked up inside a public toilet. I pounded on the door, calling for help.
A few minutes later I realized i had been pounding on the locked door of the janitor´s room. I wasn´t in trouble at all!

Yes, there are lots of dumb people all over the place, and I´m not ashamed to uncover I am one of them!

Happymoi said...

go to "roken al sharqi" and order a chocolate cake and that is to you from me...HEHE i proved u wrong!! im a fal7a:):):)

Libyano said...

lol @ the toilet incident
I am glad to know that I am surrounded by too many dumb people :P

aywa hiki el fal7a wala blash ,shaklik ma ta3rfeesh itdeeri 3'eer el bas6i mata3 di7i + 7'meera + dgeeg + 7leeb o ba3d ma y6eeb 7o6 3leeh loz girid ( jawz hind )

at least pay for the cake so you will be bayra but kareema :D

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Libyano,
Thank you for sharing the experiencing that we've all experienced in one fashion or another, but never told anyone about you. You are my hero for doing so.

The remote control one just killed me. For I don't know how many times I walked by the TV and could have clearly pushed the button to lower the volume, but oh NOOOOOOOOO had to tear the house apart to find the remote control to do it. :o)