Mixed up month

Even only one month passed since I decided to disappear and stop writing for a while but it felt like a very long time , even time goes so fast but with a lot of things happening in a veryshort time I get the feelinging like ages have passed , for me this month was mixed with good and bad happy and sad and sometimes mixed up moments , few days after I stopped writing I got happy when a dear person to me came to Libya , then I became sad with the Israeli attacks on Lebanon , then more sad when one of my relatives died , and after that I had my birthday which wasn't that happy day , but I was happy cos I am one year older now , then things got sad again with my exams new mixedup schedule , then I got happy when one of my old high school teachers visited Libya , and today the dear person left Libya so I am alone and sad .
it was one hell of a month and I realized that everyday is having something new and I cant be happy forever or sad forever .


Living Away said...

you are so right about not being happy or sad forever. it is really impossible. besides, we just get to know our special and happy moments, because there is the sad ones which also have incredible function in our lives.
i hope you can cheer yourself up soon!

Safia speaks said...

Changes, brother, changes! Life is all about changes.
There is an old Chinese curse: "I wish you may lead an interesting life!"

Nice to see u back!

I love Munich said...

HEY .. HERE YOU ARE!!! Missed you, honestly!!
I'm sorry things were so mixed for you ... as you say, it can't bei either ... or ALL the time!
Lebanon war is (hopefully) over and I pray it'll stay quiet so that people can at least start to return to their lives .. in a way!
Will you keep posting now ... or disappear again? Just let me know ... ;)!
I'm happy you're back!! :)

Noor said...

Oh. Welcome back dear. you know. life has its ups and downs. nothing can be same. so we should move on and try to keep going.
hope you are fine
take care

I love Munich said...

Where are you?? You returned briefly - and disappeared again! Hope you're alright! :)

piccolina said...

i believe you can't be so happy all the time ..it'll be boring ..you won't know the real meaning of happiness unless u try to be sad ..and hey when u gets sad you have to know that you are so lucky, coz only the loved ppl by GOD gets sad !!..i'm happy for you..keep smiling ..life is to live ..wish u hapiness .

Libyano said...

thank you so much piccolina
I do beleive that whenver you get hard times or get sad it means you are loved by god , it's what makes life taste good because without sadness there is no happiness and without hard times there will be no achivment.

piccolina said...

glad to see that we agree with each other .. just smile and the life will smile for u ..i always say to any one who gets sad and crys..." it's great that u get sad and cry ,it means u r human and u have feelings whcih means u r still a good person in such a bad world "