The story

Now after Ramadan and Eid is over I think I'll be staying at home more than I used to and have time to write again, for the people who doesnt know how Ramadan is here in Libya, I think you should know that after Kyam prayers about 21:30 till 03:00 most of the people are outside there houses going over other houses , shopping!!,relaxing at some cafe, doing nothing , there isn't so many choices though , for me the first 15 days in Ramadan I went to Saudia Arabia for Umra and this is the best thing anybody should do if he wants to get something from Ramadan,when I came back I found out that Uni has started and I actually missed some lectures but I started attending to the Clinical examination two weeks ago, it was fun sometimes actually medicine in general is something I enjoy studying , I take the human body as a story the evil in this story is the illness and it's armed with manythings Bacteria ,viruses , worms and trumas , and the good people in the story are our imune system and the drugs that we take , but the big hero in this big story is the Doctor that is trying to defeat evil, its nice to know that oneday I'm going to be a hero even I find myself to having too much deficulties to get to that point .

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