La Extraordinary Liga

I actually don't bite my nails but I pull them off with my other nails when I am so stressed or excited, yes I am that crazy and you wouldn't understand why until you see how stressing and exciting the last few games in the Spanish league (La Liga) were. My team; Real Madrid were loosing the whole time until the last minute when they turned everything the other way around and won, they didn't do it in one game or two but for the last few rounds on the Spanish league every game for Real Madrid was so special because they fought till the last minute and always got over the other teams and win.
I am sure if I had heart problem I would be dead by now from all the moments I went through while watching the last three rounds of the Spanish league.

Last night was the last game in the league and I can't describe to you how happy I was when Real Madrid finally and after four years of waiting they won the Spanish league :D , I swear if you hated football you would still love and enjoy the excitement of the Spanish league this year, the heat was until the last match between three teams; Real Madrid, Barcelona and Seville. Real Madrid surprisingly came from behind and stole the lead from Barcelona and managed to keep the lead till the last game even though they were equal in points, 76 each but Real won the league because they won the results of the two games between them and Barcelona.

I feel so sorry for all Barcelona's fans who were showing off the whole year and now in the end the best team won :D


a_akak said...

I agree football cane be stressful and I watched the final games of the La Liga and I really enjoyed them especially as a neutral and the best thing the La Liga had that the premiership lacked was the intense finale as it was down to the wire..... But real Madrid will never be the same Real after the departure of Zidane

MaySoon said...

Gosh you did that to your finger nail!!! dude chillax..

Hey I am happy for you that Real won la lega, congratulacion :oD

DaMoon said...

we need to cover all ur finger tips with something very heavy so u can never reach da nail ever again and make it looking this bad!!!!!!!
hada gher daktoor!

Happymoi said...

sheno hada...
i agree with damoon!!

and congrats for the victory..although i dont know what is in it for you?!!...do u get half a million?? poor fans..we always get nothing!!

Lebeeya said...

Mabrook! I'm happy that you are happy that your team is happy and won the league.

Poor nails, yesa'7foo. And, stop poking your deformed thumb with a daboos :P do you still do that by the way?

Bakka :)

Libyano said...

yea the Liga was the best among all European leagues this year and Zidane :( we will never see a player like him for a while

Thank you
it's a bad habit I know, I wish I stop doing it
I am glad I was wearing shoes and watching at the cafe or I would have cut my toe nails as well

My mom says I should wear boxers gloves so i can't reach my nails
but I think I would hit everyone next to me when I get excited then :D

Really what am I gonna get from all this now , may be I should send the club the pic of my nails and get a free Manicure :P

I'm happy that you are happy that I am happy that my team is happy :D

My thumb is not deformed it's just I've been cutting it this bad since I was a kid and somehow it feels good poking it with the daboos I think I get high from the pain :P
Bakka ;)

mani said...

hey Libyano ya khoi salam. hw ya been. So Carlos gets to gom home with a head raised eh??.. mabrook bro... how are your studies going?

LovelyHibo said...

it feels good that you are happy

Libyano said...

thank you khoi mani alhamdulilah everything is good ,how about you how is Libya so far :)

it's always nice to be happy thank you so much :D

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