Lost again

Again not this time , thats what the Emarati team said to the omani team today , the cup stayed home and the Omani had lost it again in the final , this time I can't blame the luck for the Omani's loss , the first half was ok for both teams and they didn't threaten eachother and the only thing I saw was players kicking each other , but as soon as the second half started it was obvious that the Omani coach Macala said one thing to the players Get me a goal and do it as soon as you can and I dont care how , this lead to good chances after 15 minutes of the second half , we saw the Omanis about to score but suddenly they lost it all with a great counter attack finished so well by Isamil Matar , that guy really deserved to get the best player's award in this tournament , and thats it was for the Emarati team they didn't have hard time keeping their goal clean for the rest of the game , time was going fast and the changes the Omani coach did at the end were too late to be effective , Mabrook for the Emarati team and inshallah the Omani team will make it in 2009 at their home .

Don't you think that Ismail matar looks like 50 cent or waht?
Lebeeya , don't worry you will get to see Oman wining home inshallah and you will see it live .


piccolina said...

i know 0 about all that but mabruk for them :)

Happymoi said...

well...they are gonna earn lots of cashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...cuz they are told if they win they will get i dont know how much but they will get lots of cash...not that they need it though!!!but good for them...

Just for the record: my first time to cheer for Italy was this past world cup and for the same reason you cheered for it!

I dont have this girl craziness with the Italian team trust me..but i got one cousin who you should point this question to! and her reply would be "they are tres (french) gentele!" she loves the Italian language...and LOOKS:P

Edward Ott said...

world cup
germans a great coach
the french great players
the italians great hair

Libyano said...

Piccolina you are lucky not following the games , it gives you headache most of the time .
Happymoi , glad to know you are a football fan not looks fan :P .

Edward , I wonder what the Arabic teams got in the world cup , may be great bullshit speaking before the matches.